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Welcome to the mictest.me the most straightforward mic test website that lets you check if your microphone is working correctly. It is an online tool so that you don't have to download any third-party extension or software. It will also display a lot of useful information, for example, your mic, audio channels, and noise suppression. You will also receive tips if it finds any problem or error after testing. 


  • Step 1: Browse to mictest.me, at first your browser will ask: Will you allow mictest.me to use your microphone?
  • Step 2: Speak and Check: If you observe, waves are forming when speaking, then the test was successful. Your microphone is working fine.

Mic Test Features

  • Online Mic Tester: It is an online mic tester so that you do not need to install any third-party software for it.
  • Auto Silence Trimming: It also pics silent voice fragments.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: We respect your privacy, so we guaranteed it 100%. 

If you don't see any waves, then try these steps:

  • Step1: In some cases, you will not see lines then try to speak loud and see if waves appear. 
  • Step2: Reload the page and try again.
  • Step3: If this also not worked, then see if your microphone is connected correctly.
  • If you do not see waves, then your mic is not correctly setup, or it is broken.

What are the best ways to test if a Microphone is Damaged?

Testing a dynamic microphone with a multimeter can curiously damage the diaphragm or voice coil suspension. You don't need to follow any complicated things to check a mic, especially the robust as SM57.

ust come over on mictest.me and run a mictest for free. If you see shaking in soundwaves then fine otherwise your mic has needed a replacement.

How do I fix the sound on my microphone?

Please follow these steps to fix this error:
  1. Type in "Control Panel" in the Cortana or Search box and click the most suitable option.
  2. Next, go to Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage audio devices.
  3. Click on Recording, then select your mic > Click Properties.
  4. Then, go the the "Listen" tab, then verify if "Listen to this device" is ticked.
  5. Untick the check box if so.

How is your microphone tested?

  1. First of all, it checks your browser compatibility for accessing the multimedia device. If so, a list of identified microphones and required controls are displayed.
  2. Once you grant access to the site use your mic, the microphone will start, and you will see the visualizer of sounds (waves) captured by your mic.
  3. The tester starts to capture sounds and at last it display results, additional control, and hints.

Try the following steps to resolve your Mic Test problem:

  • Step1: Try a different browser and try once again.
  • Step2: Check the sockets where you connected your microphone. If it's a mic with a USB connector, then make sure it is correctly plugged in the USB socket.
  • Step3:Check if your microphone is not muted. In some cases, there is a mute button for microphones. 
  • Step4 :Make sure your microphone volume is not all down.

How do I know if my earphone has a mic?

  • If it wired, look closely at the gear if you find a tip, ring, ring, and then sleeve, which means you have a headset. We call it headset when it has a mic also. If you only observe tip, ring, and after sleeve, then it is just a headphone.
  • If it wireless, then it is hard for us also to tell about it has a mic or not. But you can check your model over the internet and see if it has a mic or not. Or you can simply follow the mic test at mictest.me.

How do I fix the sound on my microphone?

You see, the mic technique describes the relationship between you and your microphone while recording. It comprises a handful of factors including proximity, voice level, mic level, and mic angle. While these components apply broadly to microphone recording, your management of them will always vary on your specific mic voice, setup, and environment.

Mic Techniques matters because it is more than what you record than what's actually getting recorded. Good mic tactics can glorify a mediocre-sounding microphone. Poor techniques can utterly ruin a recording on even the most expensive microphones dollar can buy.

In short, without good mic technique, we must say you are wasting your all efforts on your podcast. Before using any kind of mic techniques we want you to recommend you to test your microphone online at mictest.me.

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